Wholesale Freshwater Fish & Aquatic Plants

Rancor Aquatics Serving Canada

Welcome to Rancor Aquatic Wholesale. We provide Canada with a wide variety of high-quality freshwater fish, plants, invertebrates and select dry goods. Family-run with decades of experience, you can rest assured knowing that your items are the best possible.

Our shipments come from all over the world to give you the best selection most commonly from African, North America, South America, and all over Asia.

Whether your store is looking for livebearers, to oddballs, or shrimp and certain plants for 500 tanks or 10 tanks, we will work with you and give suggestions to get the most out of your space available. We have both sales out of our warehouse and trans-shipments available to fit your needs.

Wholesale Freshwater Fish

Rancor staff really care - not about the money, but about providing the best products at reasonable prices.  I would recommend them to any aquarium store that needs a reliable distributor, especially for purchasing the hard to get out of country fish and supplies.

Willy G

Aquatic Supplies We Wholesale

Rancor Aquatics Wholesale offers the following products:

Wholesale Aquatic Pplant
Probably the best supply of aquatic plants around, in the best condition, for great wholesale prices.
Wholesale Freshwater Fish
We can supply freshwater fish from all over the world.  We are fully permitted for all  our purchases.
Wholesale Aquarium Invertebrates
We carry a ton of different varieties of invertebrates for you.  If you don't see what you need, just ask us.
Wholesale Aquarium Supplies
Fish food, water treatment, lighting, heaters, pumps, etc. We have hundreds of aquarium products.
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